Access Platforms are what Planet Platforms are synonymous with as a leading manufacturer of access equipment.

Access Platforms come in many sizes and configurations, which are reflective of their intended use. This use has increased due to demand and a change to regulation governing how, where and when they should be deployed.

Being at the forefront of the UK access equipment manufacturing sector, Planet Platforms has adapted and evolved in response to these changes and our innovative designs are testament to the long-term relationships with our customers.

Aluminium has always been the preferred material to work with as its lightness and strength produce access platforms that are easy to move and built to last. Then with the advancements in technology, fibreglass gave users a new material option being suitable for use in unique environments, such as those in the offshore, petrochemical and electrical industries.

The evolution of our platforms is also attributed to a much simpler fact and that is the needs of our customers.

The access equipment we manufacture has become more versatile and multifunctional. Being height adjustable is one way we offer this flexibility and linking multiple units together increases the scope of their application.

About us

Planet Platforms is often described as a leading company who design, manufacture and distribute workplace access solutions.

There is much more to us than that.

We have grown as a brand and become synonymous with safety, innovation, access solutions and designs that overcome work at height adversities. Established in 1977, we also provide a number of safety inspection, maintenance and working at height training programmes. Contact us to find out more about our programmes.

A prestigious client list including Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, The Orient Express, CHC Helicopter, BAE Systems, LS Live and the PGA European Tour is a reflection of the personal service we provide and the lasting relationships we form.

Planet Platforms operates the ISOQAR Management System, ISO 9001:2015, which covers the repair of aluminium and fibreglass equipment using standard existing manufacturers products to original specifications. Design and manufacture of access equipment and specialised tubular structures using aluminium, steel and fibreglass to customers’ particular requirements and accepted industry standards.

The CE accreditation (BS EN 1090) we have been awarded for the manufacture of access equipment reaffirms this commitment to excellence. Approved by the auditory body Alcumus ISOQAR, we are one of just a very small number of UK companies operating in the access market to offer CE conformity on all of our manufactured products.