Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

For over 40 years Planet Platforms has been designing, building, maintaining and inspecting aircraft docking systems for a wide range of aircraft types.

Found in both the commercial and military sectors our mobile aircraft access systems provide maintenance personnel the ideal platform to work at height safely. Manufactured from aluminium to offer a lightweight, strong and manoeuvrable systems our designs cover access to all areas of the aircraft and include:

  1. Taildock

  2. Wing access

  3. Cargo door

  4. Passenger door

  5. Underwing

  6. Engine

  7. Nose

  8. Wheel well

A mobile solution offers speed and efficiency when turnaround times are critical in order to bring an aircraft back into service.

These aircraft maintenance platforms have additional key features that offer users increased utilisation and hence better productivity. Individual sliding fingers contour the surface they work against leading to multiple uses on different sections of an aircraft. When this is coupled with a height variable platform capable of adjusting to many levels the scope rises even further for possible work at height applications.

Safety around aircraft is essential and Planet Platforms aircraft staging systems reflect this. Under-platform lighting keep work areas beneath the platforms illuminated so work can be carried out simultaneously from ground level and above. The provision of electrical and compressed air points removes the need to run cabling around the work area thus removing potential trip hazards.

It is not just utility points that we have looked at to make these aviation access platforms safer. All detachable items are tethered on lanyards to the system, which helps eliminate FOD for the staging system itself. Additionally, they are earth bonded which prevents static electricity build-up that can interfere with radio and navigational equipment and prevents dangerous static discharges in aircraft fuel tanks and hoses.



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