Aluminium Walkways

Lightweight aluminium walkway and staging system in one versatile unit.

Thanks to its unique reversible design our walkways can be joined end to end to form a continuous ‘run’ or side-by-side to form a decked area. Suitable for interior and exterior use it offers unrivalled combinations and uses.

High strength aluminium construction ensures our walkway is lightweight and remains maintenance free whilst integral toeboards enable it to be used safely.Guardrail posts and guardrails are fitted to provide a safe working environment. They can also be used in conjunction with all scaffold types and towers to form continuous span walkways with up to 9 metres unsupported suspended systems, and we offer widths of 610 and 1220mm.

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO14122 Part 2: Working Platforms and Walkways. The standard states, “When the walkway is usually subject to passage or crossing of several persons simultaneously, the width shall be increased to 1220mm”.

Download the walkway info sheet.


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