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When designing any access platform, Planet Platforms uses Computer Aided Design (CAD), Autodesk®, Inventor® software to create 3D models and technical manuals, giving our customers a highly visible representation of their bespoke work at height equipment, during the development process.

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User documentation is a vital part of the customer experience by enabling users to have first-hand interaction with their product before it is ready for delivery. The software that we use for our technical manuals enables us to produce build plans for equipment shipped overseas and additionally gives the end user specific instructions on the safe use of their access equipment.

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FIxed Height Access Platform Feature


Planet Platforms developed Alutec, our bespoke range of aluminium access systems, platforms, and walkways, offering you the ultimate in safety for working at height.
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Fibreglass Access Feature


Planet Platforms developed our Protec fibreglass systems that is specifically engineered to go into situations where a metallic access solution cannot be used.
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Maintenance and Inspection Feature

Maintenance & Inspection

Planet Platforms inspection and recertification service for access equipment ensures that end user equipment complies with the relevant legislation and maintenance requirements.
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