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With over 3 million people in Great Britain working on or around a vehicle as part of their regular job, working at height in the logistics sector is something that Planet Platforms regularly has to provide safe access solutions for.

Risks of Working at Height - Conveyor Walkway
The Risks of Working at Height

Every year the statistic show hundreds are seriously injured because of falling from their vehicles, with over two thirds of these accidents happening to non-drivers. With the current increase in online shopping, the demand on UK distribution centres has massively increased, bringing an increased risk of potential falls to personnel within Fleet Maintenance, Distribution and Logistics environments; thus highlighting the need for safety critical work at height access solutions.

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Vehicle Access Solutions
Vehicle Access Solutions
Distribution Centre Viewing - The Benefits
The Benefits
  1. Manufactured from aluminium - lightweight and incredibly strong
  2. Bespoke designs for specific applications
  3. Will not rust and suitable for outside applications
  4. Many profiles giving greater design options
  5. Mobile solutions that can be quickly brought into service
  6. Designs in accordance with BS14122
  7. Manufactured in the UK
What we do

Fleet Maintenance Solutions


Multiple options that cater for the different working environment and conditions. Non-slip phenol birch ply is perfect for internal applications and where the pooling of liquids, such as rain and water from washing, could present a slip hazard high-grip; fibreglass mesh decking lets liquids simply pass through.


CabMate - Fleet Maintenance Platform

One platform that performs two jobs. CabMate rides over the fifth wheel, which allows it to be used on both the front and rear end of HGV’s, and its ergonomic, multi-height design means it can be used on various vehicles by different personnel.

The platform is contoured to fit around the wind deflectors if used on the rear of the vehicle, and its aluminium modular designs means it is compliant to manual handling regulations, with low-resistance swivel castors allowing for ease of movement once assembled.

Cabmate Platform
What we do

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