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Bespoke helicopter access platforms feature prominently in Planet Platforms portfolio of products.

Why a Helicopter Access Platform?
WHY A Helicopter ACCESS Platform?

Working at height on and around helicopters needs to be carried out in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. Turnaround times have to be kept to a minimum, particularly so where the aircraft are responsible for Search and Rescue. The design library that we have developed over the last 20 years features helicopters from the commercial and military sectors. Helicopters covered include:

  1. S76 and S92 (Oil/Gas and SAR)
  2. AW109, AW139 and AW189
  3. AS332 L1/L2 Super Puma
  4. EC135, EC145T2, EC155, EC175 and EC225
  5. Bell212, Bell407, Bell412 and Bell429
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Working at height around helicopters is unavoidable due to their sheer size and Planet Platforms helicopter access platforms cover the main areas of nose, main rotors, engines and tail section.

Manufactured from aluminium to offer a lightweight and manoeuvrable system our designs have a number of features on them to aid the engineers that work from them. Additional lighting keep work areas beneath the platforms illuminated so work can be carried out simultaneously from the ground and platform level.

Helicopter Access Platform - Better Productivity
Better Safety - Helicopter Side Platform

The provision of electrical and compressed air points removes the need to run cabling around the work area thus removing potential trip hazards. It is not just utility points that we have looked at to make these helicopter maintenance platforms more efficient. Simple detent pins mean telescopic handrails can be lowered to function test the main rotor blades in a matter of seconds. All handrails are secured in place using thumb screws attached to lanyards to remove FOD.

These platforms include aluminium plank decking, as its higher strength and rigidity allow for longer cantilever sections and thus reducing the system footprint. Leading edges that can potentially come into contact with the aircraft have D-sectional vulcanised padding, which is more durable and can help prevent damage. Furthermore these edges are profiled to follow the contours of the helicopter and can be seen in the number of design revisions for different configuration of the same aircraft type. Servicing customers with large manufactured products is difficult when they are at the opposite end of the country. Supplying them into another country and the task becomes even more challenging.

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