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Ensuring accessibility is crucial for every enterprise aiming to abide by contemporary disability access norms. The Kee Access Ramp facilitates secure entry to residential or commercial premises without requiring substantial alterations.

Wheelchair about to use the Kee Access ramp
Why the Kee Access® Ramp?

In the realm of accessibility solutions, Kee Access® ramps stand out for their versatility and compliance with contemporary disability access criteria. Constructed with robust Kee Klamp® Key Clamp Fittings, these ramps cater to a range of aesthetic tastes and functional requirements, offering various designs, structures, and material options. The key advantage lies in their ability to make any business or residential environment universally accessible, thereby eliminating the need for compromise. By choosing Kee Access ramps, you're opting for professional expertise, safety conformity, and customization that fits your specific needs. Make your space inclusive for all, without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

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Kee Features & Benefits
  • Compliant with UK & international accessibility regulations
  • Easy to design, build & install
  • Able to be colour matched to your facility
  • The Kee Klamp parts are TUV approved & galvanised to BS EN 1461.
Two sets of handrails along the Kee Access Ramp
Man pushing a woman in a wheelchair up the Kee Access Ramp
Local & International Standards

There are four main rules to consider when purchasing an access ramp for your facility:

  • You must provide the proper slope
  • You must provide the proper clearance for navigation
  • You must provide a flat landing for long distances and changes in direction
  • You must provide the proper grab rails and guardrails on the ramp.
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