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Kee Guard® Rooftop Guardrail

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Kee Guard is the perfect edge protection solution for virtually any flat roof, regardless of the surface material or slope. Our range includes standard, vertical, raked, radiused and folding systems so that you can find the best fit for all buildings. With a maximum 10° slope compatibility, Kee Guard offers unbeatable safety and reliability.

Kee Guard freestanding counterweights
WHY Kee Guard® Rooftop Guardrail

Our market-leading counterweight system is designed to be highly visible, non-slip and made from 100% recycled PVC. Also, our guardrails are galvanized on both the inside and the outside for maximum protection against corrosion, even in the most extreme conditions.

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Kee Features & Benefits
  • Provides edge protection for all those working on the roof
  • Collective roof guardrail protection
  • Freestanding, counterbalanced system
  • Overcomes need to penetrate the roof membrane
  • Quick and easy installation
  • It can be used on most flat roof configurations up to 10° slope
  • Riveted & bolted options
Worker setting up the Kee Guard
Kee Guard with meshing system
Higher Standards as Standard

Kee Guard Edge Protection adheres to and frequently exceeds the highest safety standards, including:

  • EN 13374 Class A
  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • HSG-33 Health & Safety in Roof Work
  • HSE INDG 284 "Working on roofs."
  • BS13700:2021 Permanent Counterweighted Guardrail (Wind calculations)
Wind Speed Calculator

Our system is designed with the most up-to-date technology and the highest safety standards, meeting BS 13700:2021. Our counterweighted guardrail is engineered to provide safe access on all types of roofs, from small to large, offering continual collective protection across your entire roof, putting safety and peace of mind first.

As part of the Kee Safety organization, Planet Platforms takes advantage of its cutting-edge Wind Speed Calculator technology to guarantee an unrivalled engineering and recertification service that you won't find anywhere else in the market.

With our innovative calculator, we know that whatever the elements are throwing at us, we have safety systems that are up to the task.

Kee Guard set up on roof
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More Kee Guard Solutions

Kee Guard with folding section

Folding Guardrails

Our collapsible guardrail systems are the perfect solution for ensuring safe work at height
while maintaining a building's aesthetically-pleasing appearance.
Kee Guard Fixed Guardrail

Fixed Guardrails

Our Kee Guard Fixed guardrail solution is designed to provide the highest level of
protection without taking away from the space available or compromising aesthetics.
Kee Guard for Narrow Spaces

Narrow Spaces

Designed to fit on most ribbed metal & corrugated roofs, the Kee Guard guardrail system
includes a universal base plate with fixed mounting holes for easy installation.

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