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KEE STEP® Rooftop Step Over Platforms

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Kee Step® Rooftop Step Overs are a range of modular, off-the-shelf platform products available in kit form; providing a safe access solution where obstructions exist on a roof such as pipework, plant equipment and conduits.

Why Kee STEP® Rooftop Step Overs?

Our custom-built solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your individual rooftop surface and provide a safe route over pipework, HVAC and other rooftop obstructions. 

Every rooftop is different. Shape and surface transitions require a step-over system that securely deals with changes in level and height. Kee Walk® Crossovers exceed the capabilities of other customized, fabricated, off-the-shelf platforms.

Thanks to its modular components, we can design secure structures that are reliable, flexible and support your critical safety needs. And with no welding needed, installation is simple ensuring minimal on-site disruption.

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Bespoke Step Over Platforms

Bespoke platforms are also available for metal profile roofs, or for rooftops that have a difference between the platform ends . Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Kee Walk Rooftop Stepover with Guardrail
Kee Walk Rooftop Stepover Black
Kee Benefits
  1. Standard kits available from stock

  2. Suitable for membrane, asphalt, concrete and PVC roofs

  3. Can also be used in warehouses, factories and other industrial plants

  4. Built using KEE KLAMP® fittings

  5. Delivered part assembled

  6. Includes double handrail

  7. Designed in accordance with BS EN 14122-3

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