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Whether it’s a moving vehicle production line, or a food processing area, there are crucial points throughout the manufacturing process where bottlenecks can occur, disrupting momentum, creating costly down time.

Factory Roof Walkway
Why choose a Planet Platform maintenance Solution?

Ensuring a free-flowing production line is something that we are regularly tasked with solving, as doing so involves maintenance personnel working at height. Any downtime can result in decreased outputs that hits the bottom line; a way of mitigating this risk is with a bespoke safe access solution.

Each business will have processes and machinery that is unique to them. It is this that stands them out from their competitors and makes them a successful operation.

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Custom, Bespoke Designs

One-size-fits-all maintenance platforms in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Food Processing Industries do not exist, therefore the only safe and viable option is for a custom, bespoke solution be designed and installed, solving specific challenges within each individual workplace; this is where Planet Platforms’ unrivalled experience and expertise shine above all others. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing custom-made safe access solutions, Planet Platforms leads the way in this specialist field. We have hundreds of amendable designs from conveyor access platforms and upper conveyor walkway systems, to manufacturing jigs and distillery safe access solutions; we also have thousands of hours of installation and maintenance time spent on the shop floor; what we don’t know about manufacturing safe access, just isn’t worth knowing.

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