Station Makeover

Railway station improvements have been a recent topical issue with Birmingham and Manchester seeing hundreds of millions of pounds spent on bringing them into the 21st century.

New concourse, grand facades and shopping malls all offering visitors and travellers a new experience.

This has always been the case since the early days of rail travel where prominent architects of the time built many of the classic railway stations that are still in use today to provide gateways into the expanding manufacturing regions.

However, quite often the maintenance work needed on these historic buildings has to be sympathetic to their heritage status.

This applied to one very famous station here in the Yorkshire region where glass panels in its aging roof were in desperate need of replacement.

They were being maintained using roof trollies that traversed the many sections that made up the station roof. Running in tracks at either end of the pitch the existing equipment fell short of offering users complete protection when working from them.

Partnering with a longstanding client, the design and sales team at Planet came up with a bespoke solution using our ever versatile Spandeck walkways.

In total 32 brand new mobile walkways with lengths ranging from 3.7m to 6.7m have been supplied and fitted.

The only task now is to replace all the many thousands of glazing panes!