Hotel Fibreglass Tower

Our fibreglass towers are normally used in environments where the unique properties of the Protec tube come to the fore, such as the petrochemical and offshore markets.

However, the 100kv per foot of protection and insulation from electricity enables these Prosafe™ towers to be used in wider applications.

Typically, we’d see this around electrical generation and sub-station plants but a recently completed project highlighted perfectly the versatility of the tower.

The Royal York Hotel built to accommodate the aristocracy of the North had a very specific access need, which we were able to solve using an adapted Prosafe™ tower.

Built over five floors, hotel staff thee vast amount of rooms and suites using a goods lift.

Periodic maintenance of the lift is required, which is electrically alive for these inspections. Accordingly, an insulated access solution was needed to afford protection to the engineers.

With limited working space we adapted the handrails of a single width tower to avoid clashing with in situ ducting. Coupled with a fold-out Quick Base unit the tower could also be used for other maintenance activities around the hotel.