Vehicle Access

3 million people in Great Britain work on or near vehicles as part of their regular job. Every year the statistics show hundreds are seriously injured as a result of falling from their vehicle with over two-thirds of these accidents happening to non-drivers.

The Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) support a simple 3-tier hierarchy for those planning work at height. These being avoid, prevent and control.

In most instances avoiding work at height on vehicles is impossible with loading and unloading being the most common issue.

Over the last decade Planet Platforms has seen a significant rise in the request for bespoke stagings to work on or alongside a variety of vehicles. In the WAHR hierarchy these prevent falls from occurring.

One recent innovative solution designed and manufactured for the MoD was height variable allowing users to deploy the staging on a number of different vehicles.

With a stroke range of just under 1m and fitted with steps that level automatically the system provides personnel with a much safer method of work.