Reducing Downtime

Reducing down time in the electric generating sector is one that project planners constantly seek new initiatives for.

Outages mean a loss of generating time and when it hits the bottom line this results in a reduction in shareholders returns.

The National Grid approached Planet Platforms about one of their routine maintenance tasks to see if a more flexible, speedier and safe solution could be found.

Previous to this the only way to inspect the insulators and electrical switchheads was to scaffold out the area using traditional tube and coupler systems. This had two main drawbacks; it is relatively expensive in relation to the duration of work and it took a long time to erect and then dismantle the systems currently used.

The solution was to provide modular bespoke tower systems that had the ability to work as standalone units or link together to create longer spans.

Initially trialled at their Ferrybridge site the systems provided ticked all the boxes. They could be assembled in a few minutes by the engineers, saving valuable time and used again and again saving equally valuable costs.

The towers were so well received that two further systems were subsequently supplied to the Aberthaw and Liverpool sites with two more in the pipeline for other locations.