Vehicle Access Platform

Working on or around a vehicle is a task that over 3 million people in the UK do as part of their daily job. It is not surprising therefore that at some point some of these workers will be required to work at height.

Falls from height are one of the most common forms of accident usually because of poorly planned work. Getting it right isn’t that hard to do and increasingly we are getting more requests from the automotive sector.

One company whose expertise lies in the conversion of vehicles into specialist medical ones had issues with engineers working at height inside and outside. The vehicles needed to be raised to a height of around 2 metres and the risk of a fall was too great for a company that prides itself when addressing health and safety in the workplace.

The solution was to provide 5 mobile platforms step units. They were all manufactured from aluminium, as the systems needed to be lightweight and easily moved and set-up by one person. The handrails and platform leading edge were padded to prevent accidental damage to the vehicles and being set on five swivel locking castors they could be securely braked.

Vehicle Access Platform
We are very impressed with the quality of the equipment and service provide, they exceeded our expectations.
— Adrian Walsh, Engineering Manger