Redesigning a finished solution

At Planet Platforms we know the questions that need to be asked when designing an access staging or platform.

It is not just the length or working height that needs to be considered but how the finished equipment is going to be moved into position when on site, particularly so when we are not installing the equipment ourselves.

A bridging platform we recently manufactured was finished and awaiting delivery when our customer suddenly had one of those gut-wrenching feelings. The platform was to be installed on the roof of the recently completed building and the original access route was now impassable. With a round peg and square hole scenario and the access solution already manufactured, we needed to act fast as the building was to be imminently handed over.

By changing the bridging platform from a solid to flat-pack design the system was reengineered into smaller individual assemblies, which enabled it to be carried to up to the new building roof via the internal staircase.

Once there the parts were simply bolted together ensuring the bridging platform was built and in place before the building was handed over.

You’ve done an excellent job. Many thanks.
— Keith Shimwell, Procurement Manager