Working with Aluminium creates the right kind of sparks

Planet Platforms has been designing, building, maintaining and inspecting aluminium access equipment for 40 years. It is no coincidence that aluminium is the preferred choice when you see the amount of companies producing bespoke and standard equipment who do exactly the same.

There are a number of reasons aluminium is the ideal material for access equipment manufacturers.

Firstly, it is very lightweight compared to other metals, such as steel. This means that it produces access systems that are light and therefore easy to move and position.

Secondly, it’s a much lighter material to handle reducing manufacturing production times and costs.

For systems that are height adjustable it makes it easier to raise the platform enabling hand adjustment as opposed to mechanical.

Aluminium is also strong and when used to deck the platforms allows for longer cantilevers with a less cluttered substructure. Additionally, it does not rust so there is no need to apply a surface finish for protection against the elements.

It is, however, a more difficult material to weld requiring years of practice and experience to lay down a perfect seam. On the flip side it is a much cleaner material to work with and tighter tolerances mean more accurately manufactured parts and this is where we work closely with our suppliers.

Laser cut plates, for example, exactly match the CAD model from which they were drawn enabling multiple identical assemblies where sets of equipment are required.

Planet Platforms early adoption of Autodesk Inventor® CAD software, the investment in the skills of our people and the sourcing of high quality parts from the best suppliers means that when working with aluminium we can create the ultimate work platforms.