It all starts with a good design

AutoDesk® computer aided design (CAD) software has been central to Planet Platforms business for the last 20 years.

As one of the first companies in the UK to adopt AutoDesk Inventor® as its preferred software choice, it has become an integral cog in the many facets that form the sales process.
Fundamentally it is a design tool and gives our CAD designers the complete means to develop new and innovative access solutions.

Fully rendered 3D models illustrate to our customers the concept that we are proposing. It gives a tangible feel even before it has reached the manufacturing stage and allows us to produce accurate costs. Our models can also be placed in the customer’s environment from the very outset enabling them to check for compatibility with existing infrastructure and services.

Over the years our library has grown and is an invaluable resource containing in excess of 13,000 individual drawings. Such a large catalogue aids us to offer a quick response to requests with realistic costs and production times.

AutoDesk inventor

The Inventor® suite has supplementary Publisher® software that we use to produce technical publications. Once the design is complete we can start to produce safety critical literature that details not just how our equipment should be assembled but also how it should be safely used. With the ability to share to the cloud the design lets us take it to another level.