River Walkway

Every now and then we get involved in a project that is a little out of the ordinary and this river walkway was certainly a case in point.

The building that required a maintenance walkway is adjacent to Blackfriars Bridge, Salford, Manchester, with the River Irwell flowing right along it.

The access issue was a straightforward one in that they simply needed to clean the windows. As the picture shows however this was anything but a basic access job.

Previous to the walkway being installed abseiling from the roof of the building was the only way to get cleaners down and the windows cleaned. However, this is a specialist and expensive form of access and obviously one that had to be procured each time the windows needed to be cleaned.

In providing our client with the walkway, these one-off supply and installation costs made it more financially viable in the long term.

There was the small matter of getting the walkway installed and the abseilers got one final job!

Look closely at the bottom floor windows. I♥MCR