AVRO Heritage Museum

The front section of the fuselage including the cockpit of former RAF VC10 C1K XV106 has been loaned to the Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford Aerodrome, Stockport, UK so that it can be displayed to the public.

The cockpit offers visitors the chance to see first-hand what it was like to pilot this iconic aircraft. It is positioned next to the Museum's Vulcan Bomber at the rear of the Museum.

Choosing the Avro Heritage Museum as its new location is quite fitting, as Woodford became the Design Authority for the VC10 and other Vickers products in 1986. This allowed a business to be built around supporting the fleet of Air-to-Air Refuelling Tankers right through to 2013 when the aircraft were retired.

Access into the cockpit is however 2 metres from the ground and it was essential visitors could do so with the utmost of safety.

Planet Platforms designed, manufactured and installed a set of Air Force blue powder-coated steps. Set on locking castors with telescopic handrails to allow the cockpit door to open the steps sit perfectly along the side of the aircraft.

AVRO Working at Height Steps

The museum relies on funding from a wide range of sources from donations, volunteers and special event days that allow it to operate on a day-to-day basis. In providing the steps at cost value Planet Platforms were able to lend their support.

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