Flat Pack Design

Aluminium is perfect for designing and build bespoke access platforms. It is lightweight, strong and doesn’t require a surface coating.

However, if supplied as a full assembled unit the structures can be bulky and therefore costly to transport. With a bit of planning at the design stage the CAD team at Planet came up with a simple idea, why not flat pack the solution. Not only will it become easier to transport but it will make it open to markets that were previously impenetrable.

One recent example came from a client whose product offering are Quick Tech Acoustic Cutting Enclosures. The market they had secured the contract with were sites in North America and transportation cost had to be kept to a minimum. The enclosures protect external workers from any potential hazards when cutting and have to be moved readily and quickly around specific sites.

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Welding Enclosure

The flat pack frameworks for the enclosures were modular with and additional sections folded using hinged VX-joints. These strong and reliable fittings halve the overall length of an assembly reducing shipping costs and transportation space.

Supplied with a folding workbench using the same principles Planet were able to present a solution that ticked all the boxes.