Making Great Platforms

For the last 40 years we have designed, built, inspected and maintained access equipment and along the way we have learnt a thing or two. Their use has increased due to demand and a change to regulation governing how, where and when they should be deployed.

At the forefront of the UK access equipment manufacturing sector, Planet Platforms has adapted and evolved in response to these changes, with innovation being pivotal to our success.

Aluminium has always been the preferred material to work with as its lightness and strength produce platforms that are easy to move and built to last. Then with the advancements in technology, fibreglass gave users a new material option being suitable for use in environments where metal would corrode.

The evolution of our platforms is also attributable to a much simpler fact and that is the needs of our customers.

The platforms we manufacture have had to become more versatile, as they can be multifunctional. Being height adjustable is one way we offer this flexibility and linking multiple units together increases the scope of their application.

At Planet Platforms however we are always looking to push ourselves that extra mile, which is why we wanted to be able to CE mark our products. Benchmarking our products against relevant directives is something that as a manufacturer we constantly aim to achieve.

Being able to prove that these products have been assessed to meet high health, safety and environmental requirements gives our customers the confidence that when dealing with Planet Platforms they have a company that is leading the way.

Helicopter Staging
Fibreglass Tower
CE Mark