Maintenance and Inspections

Maintaining work at height equipment is central to the regulations and legislation governing its safe use. Not only should users be provided with the right equipment and trained in its safe use, but this equipment should also be adequately maintained.

Inspection and maintenance is the responsibility for many stakeholders. Pre-use inspection is mandatory and are typically the role of the user, carried out with the help of a daily check sheet. The correct training previously received supports this as personnel visually inspect the equipment.

If access equipment is used often then the depth and frequency of the inspection must increase. Just as with the MOT on your car, the inspection must be carried out by a competent person where competency comes from knowledge and experience.

This latter part is critical and can be overlooked with companies believing their own personnel have the right skills and experience to carry out an in-depth inspection. However, if you’re not used to looking at what represents a good weld how easily would you spot that one was cracked? Such small and finite detail could potentially lead to a section of access equipment failing.

This is why at Planet Platforms we offer an inspection service for most forms of access equipment. Our personnel carrying out this work will have been involved with the manufacturing side of the business and have therefore an inherent knowledge of access equipment, how the various forms work and what to look out for when inspecting equipment.

There is one further reason why good, regular maintenance and inspection work carried out by competent people makes sense. In the long run you get longevity of life for the equipment that in turn offers value for money.