Oliver’s Uganda Expedition

Planet Platforms is proud to be supporting 14-year-old Oliver Denton as he prepares for a 4-week expedition to Uganda in the summer of 2019.

Along with other students from the Outwood Grange Academy in Wakefield, Oliver will be immersed into a range of community activities that most teenagers will never face.

Schooling facilities in Uganda are a far cry from those in the UK and Oliver and his peers will be helping to build new classrooms, install fresh water tanks and making the most basic of learning equipment, such as desks and chairs. The latter is particularly poignant as without them the Ugandan students are taught whilst sitting on the floor.

Oliver’s expedition will also see him working at the White Rhino Sanctuary, completing any maintenance work that is needed and additionally digging watering holes to help the elephants survive during the dry season.

The expedition will certainly give Oliver new life experiences and will most definitely make a massive difference to the Ugandan children he is going there to support. Apparently, there’s also the opportunity for the odd game of football, which as a budding league academy player is right down Oliver’s street.

Everyone at Planet Platforms will be eagerly following this intrepid explorer in the build-up and during this fantastic and life-enriching opportunity.

Oliver Denton