Helping to Preserve our Heritage

When it comes to working at height there is a natural assumption to think of an industrial manufacturing or engineering setting. But over the years we have worked with a number of institutions from the heritage sector that highlights the fact that safe working at height affects virtually everyone.

This association first started with the National Trust and our mobile fibreglass scaffold towers. These systems had already been widely adopted in sectors such as the offshore and petrochemical industries as the spark and chemical resistance of the Protec tube were crucial to these high safety sectors. It was, however, one of the other tube properties that made them ideal for the National Trust.

Fibreglass will not rust or oxidise and as a result can be kept incredibly clean and it was this that appealed to the Trust. When climbing a scaffold tower Trust personnel knew their hands would be as clean as when they started, removing the potential cross contamination to the item they were cleaning.

It is not just our fibreglass products that have found their way into heritage projects as we have manufactured a number of bespoke aluminium solutions for organisations.

In aerospace, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre both have systems to help maintain the iconic Lancaster Bomber. Avro Heritage too have a custom-built set of steps to help visitors access the VC10 cockpit at the main entrance to the museum.

In the rail sector we installed a suspended roof gantry for the world-famous Orient Express and in Derbyshire our access equipment helps to maintain the many vehicles at The National Tramway Museum. And a little further north we’ve helped things build up a head of steam at the Markham Grange Museum.