Jig Access Platform

Solving a working at height problem doesn’t necessarily see personnel working several metres from the ground.

The Regulations of 2005 define work at height as being at any height, if measures required by the Regulations were not taken, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. So, working just a few centimetres above or below ground level constitutes working at height.

A job recently completed by Planet Platforms for a leading aerospace component company illustrates the point nicely.

Two tooling jigs required personnel to work approximately half a metre from the ground. Placing working platforms around each station would have been the more cost-effective method but there was a need to look beyond initial outlay costs and to longer term benefits.

In creating a dedicated work platform that made the jig working area larger, it was possible to increase productivity, as everything was brought onto one level. Fitted with non-slip aluminium decking, engineers no longer needed to position individual pieces of access equipment saving considerable time.

All those involved in the project we immensely pleased with the finished design. Even passing co-workers commented that the look was very impressive.
— Lead Engineer