Adding Value

With the internet awash with cheap access products that are supported by slick marketing campaigns it is easy to look purely at the cost of a product and not a millimetre further.

Inexpensive overseas manufacturing lead to container loads of products arriving each year and with it the question, how can you compete on something other than price?

The answer is by adding value on different levels.

With age comes maturity and with it experience and expertise. For over forty years Planet Platforms have been designing, manufacturing and maintaining access equipment, which has given us such traits. Additionally, we have a drawing library with over 13,000 designs so we can accurately and quickly outline project costs.

Value also comes on other levels with investment in the people we employ and how our processes are tracked and monitored. All welders are coded and tested in accordance with our CE accreditation ensuring those responsible for the manufacturing of our access equipment have attained the highest standards available. Coupled with our ISO accreditation this demonstrates that our products have been benchmarked to meet high health, safety and environmental requirements.

So, the cost of the product is much more than just the physical item that you are purchasing it is also the many levels of value that ultimately give you peace of mind.