Wabtec Steel Rail Gantry

Working at height on and around trains is inevitable and making it safe therefore is a must.

Lighting looms and air conditioning modules, for example, are located in the roof area of rolling stock and access to them is always going to be at height.

Wabtec Rail Limited leads the way in terms of expertise when it comes to life extension, overhaul, maintenance and refurbishment of railway rolling stock.

Their Doncaster Works, a 22-acre site alongside the East Coast Mainline, has a long and proud history in the construction and maintenance of trains – the works being the birthplace of iconic engines such as the Flying Scotsman and Mallard.

One recently won contract for Wabtec is for the refurbishment of Mark 3 trains, which involves a high concentration and duration of tasks on the roof area of these vehicles.

The solution designed, manufactured and installed by Planet Platforms was a steel 3.4m high gantry running for 23m either side of the maintenance tracks.

The steel construction is more cost effective against an aluminium one, giving a faster ROI over a shorter period of time.

Leading edge hinged flaps on each side allows the carriages to move into the refurbishment area without clashing with the gantry and has the added advantage of being able to accommodate different classes of vehicles.

Access to either side is via two staircases with mesh-decked treads, inclined to give a comfortable ascent or decent when carrying materials and tools. And owing to the 23m overall length emergency escape ladders at either end ensured compliance with the relevant design standard.