Hants & Dorset Trim

Innovation increases productivity

Preparing to work at height for certain tasks can take considerable amounts of time. Work access equipment, for example, will have to be taken from storage to the work area, assembled and used to then only be returned at the end of the task or working day. Repeat this on many occasions and suddenly a project can have a lot of unnecessary and unprofitable work time.

Quite often, in this scenario, the work at height equipment being used will not be 100% fit for purpose being too small, not quite long enough or simply outdated.

Presented with this very situation by industry leading bus refurbishment company, Hants and Dorset Trim, Planet Platforms was tasked in making their operations quicker, safer and consequently more productive.

Innovation is core to Planet Platforms operations, from the start of the design process, through to manufacture and eventually the installation of safe work at height solutions.

From the beginning it was evident that the way Hants and Dorset Trim approached their refurbishment work had to change. The solution was to bring the work i.e. buses, to a specifically designed steel 3-bay gantry system thus reversing the process of bring the equipment to the task.

A variety of vehicles would ultimately be prepared within the gantry system prior to being painted so the access solution had to be agile and flexible to accommodate this.

Folding lower-level flaps allow each bus to easily enter and leave each bay, as they give more space when lowered. Additionally, when raised they provide an ideal height work platform for personnel to prepare each side of the vehicle.

The upper level flaps work in the same way giving more space for the bus to enter each bay and when folded down give safe access to the roof area. Being the highest section on the gantry with a platform height of 3.6m, it was critical that these flaps eliminated the risk of a fall from height.

Finally, once a bus was positioned in its respective gantry, a mobile 2-level unit docks and locks to the rear of the vehicle, giving personnel a safe 360 degree working area.

We decided to use Planet Platforms because of the reputation and experience in providing first class equipment and service. Their knowledge and positive approach made the whole process from design, to installation, to completion very easy. We would like to thank the team at Planet Platforms for an exceptional piece of kit and service.
— Dave Clack, General Manager, Hants & Dorset Trim