Battery Removal Trolley

Working with our customers on projects that do not involve access equipment is something we are regularly tasked in doing.

Recently, we were approached by one customer to find a solution for removing and installing battery packs from their recently acquired Class 717 trains.

Located under the carriages, 15-cell battery packs provide auxiliary power to the vehicles, which periodically must be removed, charged and refitted.

Weighing in at over a tonne, the packs were obviously far too heavy to be removed manually and mechanical assistance would be needed.

The solution to was to design and manufacture a pallet truck mountable trolley on which were set two 17-race, low resistance bearings.

With a 2-tonne capacity, the trolley has removable side and end guards to keep the battery packs in place when they are moved from the charging area to the train.

Following a successful trail our customer was so impressed with the agility of the solution that they will be ordering a second trolley.