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About our Rooftop Safety Systems

Rooftop safety systems are required by occupational health and safety regulations and standards to prevent accidents from heights and ensure worker safety. 

Our rooftop safety systems are designed to prevent working-at-height accidents. They include rooftop guardrails, rooftop walkways, rooftop stepover platforms, rooftop skylight protection systems, and safety gates.

Kee Guard freestanding counterweights
Rooftop Safety Systems: What are they and why do we need them?

A rooftop safety system comprises of a set of equipment and measures implemented to safeguard individuals and workers accessing rooftops for tasks like maintenance, repairs, or inspections. These systems are crafted to avert falls and minimise risks linked with working at heights.

Rooftop safety systems are essential for compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and standards to ensure the well-being of workers and prevent accidents and injuries. Regular inspection, maintenance, and training on the proper use of safety equipment are also crucial aspects of an effective rooftop safety programme.

Discover more about Planet Platforms' rooftop safety systems below.

Rooftop guardrail: Kee Guard®

Our Kee Guard® guardrail system is a market-leading solution in fall prevention equipment, made from 100% recycled PVC and galvanised for corrosion protection. It is designed for flat roofs up to a 10° slope, offering a versatile range of guardrails, including standard, vertical, raked, and radiused options, ensuring the correct equipment is available for any building's needs.

In spite of the material or slope of virtually any flat roof, Kee Guard Rooftop Gurdrail is the ideal edge protection solution. The Kee Guard Rooftop Guardrail is compatible with a maximum slope of 10°, so you are able to find the right system for any building. You can choose from standard, vertical, raked, radiused, or folding roof guardrails in our range.



Worker setting up the Kee Guard
Kee Walk Guardrail Feature
Easy-to-install rooftop walkway system: KEE WALK® WITH GUARDRAIL

Designed to meet the requirements of EN 516:2006, Kee Walk® is a modular, easy-to-install walkway system that provides safe, anti-slip walking surfaces for accessing roofs and for combining easily with guardrails.

Kee Walk® is designed for modern roof types, including membrane, profiled, and standing seam metal roofs. The adjustable brackets are delivered to the site pre-assembled, and it can be used on flat, barrel, and sloped roofs. From 0 to 35 degrees can be created with steps, longitudinal and transversal access. Kee Walk® walkways with guardrail can be combined with our range of platforms and steps for a complete safe access solution.


Why Kee Walk® with Guardrail?

Rooftop Step Over Platforms: KEE STEP®

Kee Step® Rooftop Step Overs provides essential height safety equipment in the form of modular, off-the-shelf step over platforms, ensuring secure access across rooftop obstacles such as ductwork, conduits, and piping systems.

These platforms offer a dependable solution for navigating over HVAC units, pipes, and other common types of rooftop grid items, custom-designed to cater to the unique contours and requirements of your roof's structure.

It's crucial for working at height equipment to efficiently address transitions in rooftop levels and elevations. Kee Step® Crossovers outperform traditional fixed scaffolding and bespoke platforms in versatility and safety.

Thanks to their modular design, Kee Step® enables the construction of adaptable, sturdy structures ideal for industrial purposes, providing critical edge protection without the need for welding, thereby simplifying installation and reducing downtime in construction and maintenance tasks.

Kee Walk Step Over Platform

Why Kee Step® Rooftop Step Overs?

Kee Cover Feature

Kee Cover® delivers an efficient skylight protection system, modular and straightforward to install, ensuring light penetration while safeguarding against falls.
Falls from height, notably through unguarded skylights, rank among the top hazards leading to injuries and fatalities in height-related work.
For optimal safety, building proprietors and contractors are required to implement comprehensive fall arrest blocks and safety procedures, including specific skylight protection as part of their working at height equipment strategy.

Kee Cover® offers robust protection against accidents through vulnerable skylights, tailored exclusively for metal profile roofs equipped with inline roof level skylights.

To suit larger skylights, extension panels are available in sizes of 2m or 1m in length by 1m in width, with variable heights to fit different skylight shapes, enhancing the overall safety and functionality of height safety kits. 

Rooftop Self Closing Industrial Safety Gate: Kee Gate®

Kee Gate® is a self-closing industrial safety gate. Each gate is spring-loaded and automatically closes behind the user.

Kee Gate® models can be cut down to fit any opening due to their galvanised steel construction. As well as meeting all HSE guidelines for ladder access points, roof hatches, open voids, etc., they are built to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016. 

It is also possible to get powder coated versions in yellow.

Kee Gate Feature
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More Rooftop Guardrail Solutions

Kee Guard with folding section

Folding Guardrails

Our collapsible guardrail systems are the perfect solution for ensuring safe work at height
while maintaining a building's aesthetically-pleasing appearance.
Kee Guard Fixed Guardrail

Fixed Guardrails

Our Kee Guard Fixed guardrail solution is designed to provide the highest level of
protection without taking away from the space available or compromising aesthetics.
Kee Guard for Narrow Spaces

Narrow Spaces

Designed to fit on most ribbed metal & corrugated roofs, the Kee Guard guardrail system
includes a universal base plate with fixed mounting holes for easy installation.

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1. What is considered 'working at height equipment' at Planet Platforms?

Working at height equipment includes guardrails, walkways, stepover platforms, skylight protection, and safety gates designed to prevent falls and ensure worker safety.

2. How does your height safety equipment comply with occupational health regulations?

Our height safety equipment meets rigorous safety standards, ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations to prevent accidents from heights.

3. Can Kee Guard® guardrails be used on all types of roofs?

Yes, Kee Guard® guardrails are suitable for flat roofs up to a 10° slope, offering versatility with standard, vertical, raked, and radiused options for various building needs.

4. Are Kee Walk® walkways compatible with different roof types?

Absolutely, Kee Walk® walkways provide safe, anti-slip surfaces for flat, barrel, and sloped roofs, forming an integral part of height safety kits.

5. Do your rooftop safety systems include protection against skylight falls?

Yes, Kee Cover® offers robust skylight protection, preventing falls through vulnerable skylights while allowing natural light penetration, specifically designed for metal profile roofs.

6. What safety standards do Kee Gate® safety gates meet

Kee Gate® safety gates are engineered to comply with HSE guidelines and meet BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 requirements, ensuring ladder access points are safely secured.

Why Choose Planet Platforms When It Comes to Working at Height Equipment?

When safety is paramount, Planet Platforms stands out for providing comprehensive working at height equipment solutions. Our products are designed with both safety and compliance in mind, ensuring you can work safely and efficiently.

  • Kee Guard® offers versatile guardrail solutions for flat and sloped roofs.
  • Kee Walk® walkways ensure safe roof access on various roof types.
  • Kee Step® platforms provide secure passage over rooftop obstructions.
  • Kee Cover® skylight protections prevent falls while allowing light.
  • Kee Gate® safety gates comply with critical safety standards.
  • Our equipment is made for maximum load and high winds resilience.
  • From guardrails to safety gates, our range covers all your needs.

Choosing Planet Platforms means selecting a partner committed to safety and innovation. Our products not only meet but exceed safety standards, providing peace of mind and reliability for all your working at height requirements. With a focus on quality, compliance, and versatility, we ensure your workers stay safe while performing at their best.