Costain Skanska
The platforms supplied are great. Our engineers are really pleased with them and they will allow us to complete the installation.
— Craig Lytttle, Project Manager, Costain Skanska

Planet have done an excellent job with the steps supplied. Many thanks to everyone concerned with this difficult project.
— Keith Shimwell, Procurement Manager, Integra
Integra UK

The equipment supplied will allow our engineers to work safely which it what we were trying to achieve.
— Dave Thorne, Production Leader, Terex

We are very impressed with the quality of the equipment supplied and will definitely be ordering extra equipment in the future.
— Adrian Walsh, Safety Manager, OH Vehicle Conversions
OH Vehicle Conversions

Many, many, many thanks for your prompt response to my request yesterday. Our engineers are more than happy with the improved gate and modifications.
— Ian Williams, Health-Safety & Environment, Rolls-Royce

Thanks for all the help from you and your team over the years, your professionalism and quick reaction times have made the job so much easier.
— Dave Cornforth, Engineer, Rolls Royce (Retiring)

First Group
Thank you for the prompt response and kind gesture of rectification. Your team have been very helpful and extremely professional throughout this planned work.
— Martin Brand, Major Repair Business Manager, First Group

I would like to thank you, as we have had very good feedback, with the project team giving high praise to you and your team for their efforts in organising and completing our onsite requirements today.
— Carl Rebbeck, Materials Provision Manager, Alstom Transport

BAE Systems
May we take this opportunity to thank you for the service, especially the installation team who did a great job without any issues.
— Alan Brown, Principal Operations Engineer, BAE Systems Maritime