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The rail industry and working at height have a long association and is a market that Planet Platforms has worked with since its early inception.

Fibreglass Train Access Steps
WHY A Train Access Platform?

This long relationship is testimony to an industry that recognises its duty of care in performing work at height safely. A rail maintenance depot is a different environment when compared to a station where commuters hop on and off a train from a platform level with the threshold of the carriage doors. In a depot these platforms are absent and gaining access to traction and rolling stock brings with it work at height risks.


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Overcoming CHallenges

Then there’s the sheer size and location of services on trains that means many of the tasks have to be conducted whilst working at height.

All these factors bring a variety of challenges and at Planet Platforms our bespoke train maintenance platforms can be found throughout the UK and further afield.

Primarily these custom made train platforms are manufactured from aluminium, as it is a strong, lightweight and versatile material. Different profiles and extrusions offer endless configurations, which can be seen by the thousands of designs in our drawing library.

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Train Access Platforms Feature
Multiple Materials

Aluminium is not the only material we use to manufacture our rail maintenance platforms. Fibreglass is widely used where overhead or third line electrification is present. Insulated to 100kv per foot it offers personnel protection against potential electrocution. Additionally, it can be as flexible as aluminium in terms of the designs that we offer.

A depot can also be a congested space often being built post-war and having to contend with 21st century trains. We offer special mobile rail access solutions, typically on triple wheels that are now seen as an industry standard. There are also fixed options too, such as gantries and walkways that offer access over a continuous run.

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Rail Access Solutions

Carriage door access steps

Planet Platforms has a number of designs covering this type of application. There are single and double platform heights that account for vehicles being raised on jacks. Double stair cases offer access from both sides.

Carriage Door Access Steps

Door barriers (single & double)

When steps are removed and carriage doors left open these simple and quick to fit barriers help prevent falls from height.

Train Door Barriers (Single & Double)

Roof access platforms

The services in most rail vehicles are located within the train roof section. Our roof access platforms have been designed with user safety as the driving factor. Fold-out boxing rings give personnel 360 degree fall protection when working on air conditioning units and roof maintenance work.

Train Roof Access Platform

Front end access platform

With most of the features as our carriage door access systems these platforms give access to the windscreen and services on the front of the train.

Train Front End Access Platform

Fixed gantries

Offer engineers a continuous run over many metres. This reduces the time taken to ascend and descend whilst working at height.

Train Fixed Roof Gantry


Not all work at height is from above ground. Pitboards that span the maintenance pit below the train means maintenance line can be crossed quickly and safely. Simple in design and to fit they come with options including handrails and pit access steps.

What we do

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