Working at Height Platforms

Irrespective of the industry in which you work, working at height effects most people in fulfilling their daily role.

From a modest hop-up step to more complex access systems ensuring you are using the right piece of equipment is fundamental to the Work at Height Regulations 2005. No longer is it acceptable to simply reach for a set of steps until an adequate assessment of the working at height task has been made to ensure the job is carried out safely.

Our range of access platforms and innovative safety systems cater for most, if not all work place situations. We can create bespoke designs using the latest Inventor® software and industry expertise.


Vehicle Access

With over 3 million people in Great Britain working on or around a vehicle as part of their regular job, working at height in the automotive industry is something that Planet Platforms regularly has to provide solutions for. Every year the statistics show hundreds are seriously injured as a result of falling from their vehicle with over two-thirds of these accidents happening to non-drivers.

In most cases avoiding working at height around a vehicle is impossible with maintenance, loading and unloading being the most common issues.

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Helicopter Access

Working at height on and around helicopters needs to be carried out in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. Turnaround times have to be kept to a minimum, particularly so where they are responsible for Search and Rescue.

By enhancing our platforms with lights, air and electrics engineers have everything they need to face these challenges. Additionally, we have also developed flat-packed solutions that enable Planet Platforms to service markets in some of the more remote areas of the world.

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Train Access

The rail industry and working at height have a long association and is a market that Planet Platforms has worked with since its early inception. The sheer size and location of services on traction and rolling stock means that many of the tasks have to be conducted whilst working at height. Air-conditioning modules located on the roof of a train and in a depot environment prove difficult to access when no specific fixed platform is available, so simply accessing a carriage becomes an issue. Mobile platforms therefore provide a cost efficient and suitable way of working at height.

This long relationship is testimony to an industry that recognises its duty of care in performing maintenance work safely.

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Aluminium walkways and gantries form a large portion of the Planet Platforms portfolio. Their form and application can be diverse and yet equally unusual.

What is common to all though is they increase safety whilst still being flexible in design. Used in conjunction with other materials such as steel and fibreglass they can be suspended, fixed or mobile.

Continuous spans enable work at height to be carried out at the same level without the need to constantly ascend and descend.

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